We buy handselected vegetable tanned leather from small familiy-owned tanneries in Southern Germany. Besides the regular smooth leather, we found gipsy tanned leather, which is a speciality from our small tannery in the outskirts of Stuttgart. Vegetable-tanned leather is treated with special waxes, which results in a scar tissue look.

 Choose your colour.

Standard Colours


With its anthrazite luster , the darkest version is a bit softer than deep black.

The slightly grey touch is coming from its natural tanning and refines the classy look.


Like a dark swiss chocolate, this is our bitter-sweet version of brown.


Classy like a good old cognac.


This is our brightest colour and basically the natural leather. It will darken over time and get a beautiful patina.

Gipsy Cognac

Cognac tone with scar tissues for a classy vintage look.

Gipsy Red

Red colour with scar tissues for a classy vintage look.

Gipsy Mustard Yellow

Yellow leather with scar tissues for a classy vintage look.

Simply Red

Bright red leather for all the ladies.

Grassy Green

This bright green colour brings freshness to your style.

Royal Blue

Very stylish and elegant, for Kings and Queens.


Love it or leave it. It's simple as that.

Special colours - limited editions

Silver Metallic

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz silver arrow .....


Real calf leather with a sportive carbon fibre structure.

Elephant skin

Calf leather with a rough structure, which looks and feels like a real elephant skin.

Croco Brown

Real camel leather with a crocodile print.

Bring your own leather

You have a piece of leather or fur and want to get your individual custom bag. Great. Let's talk.

Special colours are limited in qualtity and might be chrome tanned, while all standard colours are purely vegetable tanned.