JMLeGazel Signature Edition

Creative, melticulous and passionate, Jean-Marie Gazel made his idea of style concrete. Former Beaux-Arts student and accomplished drawer, he uses his talent to reinvent the shoe world.  The shoe becomes the medium for a limitless creativity. A deep purple with black touches; a blue flecked with pink reminding Claude Monet’s Les Nymphéas; a fiery red striped with brown; a Japanese wave unfurling over asphalt grey; a blazing skull on a

navy blue background; roses in full bloom… JMLeGazel makes all your craziest desires come true! Thanks to his close collaboration with master manufacturers, JMLeGazel receives the shoes in raw leather, ready to be dressed in the young artist’s talent. Every pair requires a few hours of work. Using a paintbrush, a piece of cloth or even fingers, JMLeGazel highlights the curves of the shoes with colors and outlines. As a painter, he reveals leather’s depth through a developed sense of aesthetics, and even plays with changing the original design! To present the client with a unique and customized object is JMLeGazel’s main ambition, combining comfort, quality and avant-gardism.


In a pilot project, JMLeGazel offered to paint BAG2ROOTS with his patina technique and offer them as a set together with his shoes and belts and offers them in his flagship store in Palais des Congres Shopping Mall in Paris.