3 sizes are available

  • Mini: Minibag especially for women. Super lightweight.
  • Standard: Unisex bag. Big enough for a large mobile phone and much more.
  • Tablet: Business bag holds a tablet and a lot more.

Mini - S

Inside measurement:

14cm x 14cm x 6cm


Holds a small mobile phone up to 12cm in height and some accessories.




Standard - M

Inside measurement:

18cm x 15cm x 6cm


Holds a large smart phone up to 16cm in height such as iPhoneX, Oneplus 7 or Samsung S10 Plus and much more.


Tablet - L

Inside measurement:

27cm x 19cm x 6 cm


Holds most tablets up to 25cm x 19cm such as Apple iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro 11,  Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 or MS Surface Go.