The wooden pieces are manufactured by the master joiner himself. He prefers to process local wood from Southern Gemany, which he collects and dries. However, some exotic and rare timbers maybe also used to express the uniqueness and luxury of a BAG2ROOTS bag. An inclusion of a bough makes the wooden pieces rare and special. 

Smoked oak

Smoked oak or fumed oak is from German Spessart region. If you watched the movie Pulp Fiction, this is where John Travolta got the heroin from, which blew away Uma Thurman. In a nutshell: Superbe quality.


African Wenge has a beautiful dark coffee-brown colours with very fine grains. 

European Walnut

The walnut tree from Europe has a brigher colour nuane compared the the American Walnut.


Apple tree with origin from the Lake of Constance comes with a with a slight red nuance.


Another local wood from the Lake of Constance is cherry tree. Is has a bright colour nuance and moderate granes.

Plum Tree

Another local wood from Southern Germany is plum tree. It has a nice play of colors from bright to red and brown.

Stone pine

We get our stone pine from Austrian region Hochsölden, which is also a well-known ski ressort. The pine trees grow in an altitude abobe 6000 ft abobe see level. Stone pine is known for its distictive scent.  

Douglas fir

Douglas is a hard coniferous wood with strong grains and a very bright color. 


Maple wood has a bright colour and is very durable. It perfectly matches with natural leather. 


Bamboo actually is not a wood but belongs to the grasses. As it is very durable and light-weight, it is perfect for BAG2ROOTS and fits with many leather colors.