German-engineered crossbags

Simple. Sustainable. Style.

Our Story

Master joiner Manfred from Argenbühl in the Allgäu area developed @ B A G 2 R O O T S as a bag for men. As there was no product available which served his needs in terms of simplicity, quality and design, he simply decided to create his own. With its techno-functional design and highest quality materials from saddle leather, wood and stainless steel, this bag stands for quality "Made in Germany". Although most men do not wear bags, everyone still carries at least a mobile phone, keys and a wallet, typically all stored in trouser pockets.  A serious issue is the phone radiation of phones worn in trouser pockets. Simply put everything into @ B A G 2 R O O T S. This bag is for everyday use and can be worn on almost any occasion.

Funny enough, that majority of our customers are female. As per demand of women, who prefer smaller bags, we designed the mini version.

Craftsmenship and Sustainability

This bag is adressed to quality lovers. Especially our premium leather collection offers an exceptional quality, which rarely can be found nowadays. The old German term  "Handwerkerehre" means craftsmen honor and it stands for reliability, reputation and quality and perfection of manufacturing. It almost became instinct nowadays, but we are going back to the roots. Yes, our brand @ B A G 2 R OO T S  also adresses sustainability, but the brand itself should represent German craftsmanship and inventive genius, which we are so passionate about.

Functional Design or Reduce to the Max

@ B A G 2 R O O T S are very robust, but lightweight and comfortable to wear at the same time. We improved the design for years in order to make it a lightweight ergonomic bag, which keeps its value for long time.


Simplicity is perfection is the design credo for this bag. Very often, the question is: "Is this a heavy bag?" After the weight test, everyone is fascinated about the light weight of this bag. At the same time, it is very robust due to the selection of highest quality materials. Also it very comfortable and ergonomic to wear, which makes it a bag for everyday use. We have registered for several national and international patents for this design.


This integrated clasp secures your valuables. Simply grab through the flap and hold the bag tight to the body.


A mobile phone can be stored safely. For screen protection, simply slide the phone face- down towards the leather in the pocket. Keys and other items will not damage or scratch the mobile phone screen.


The strap can be adjusted in size.