Signature Edition by Paulus Bolten, Paris

Paulus Bolten is a Dutchman living in Paris and a patina artist and show designer by profession. The balance between ambience and harmony became the main leading idea of Paulus Bolten. His ideology started with the beginning of patina created on shoes and many other leather products. Exclusive shoes thatweren't in fashion before; shape (last) as well as design. All shoes were designed in that mood: colorful, non-conformist and artistic, The high care of extreme conform ability is an important part of the artistic creation. This aim filled up a more or less  gap within the traditional menswear. 


When patina art from Paris meets German craftsmanship, this is the outcome ! BAG2ROOTS Signature Edition by Paulus Bolten. You might think of getting a set of a pair of Paulus Bolten painted sneaker and a BAG2ROOTS bag.